With the help of Effective Communication, Peter’s has built strong links with the sports community in Wales over the last five years, and in 2016 wanted to run a campaign to:

  • build these relationships even further
  • support grassroots rugby clubs
  • celebrate and acknowledge the work of club members and volunteers at the grassroots of Welsh rugby, away from the hype and hero-worship of match days in Cardiff
  • utilise social media and digital media as much as possible during campaign


The five month campaign required:

  • Creating a dedicated website
  • Arranging a media partner to support the campaign and act as a communications channel, both print and most importantly online, to engage as many of the target audience as possible
  • Run a social media campaign targeting specific audience and to encourage engagement
  • Create videos to use on social media and digital media
  • A direct mail campaign inviting rugby clubs to take part
  • Run a print and digital advertising campaign alongside PR activity

This activity would run alongside a two-stage PR campaign to firstly launch the contest across Wales-wide media and drive awareness across multiple contact points. Secondly, to promote the voting stage and announce finalists/winners.


100 entries were received from 85 rugby clubs across Wales including Peter’s target area of outside South Wales.

Effective published 353 pieces of social content achieving 488,021 impressions and 2,278 engagements across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As a fitting end to a successful campaign, the final post shared to Facebook accumulated a reach of 12,052 organically, attracting over 300 Likes and 132 Shares.

Two e-newsletters developed by Effective generated an average open rate of 23.6%.

Campaign video content was viewed 25,405 times at the close of the competition.

Overall the campaign generated 26 pieces of coverage with a total reach (circulation and unique visitors) of 7,182,128.

Peter’s has confirmed it would like to run Peter’s Welsh Rugby Heroes 2017.