Wales’ Colleges Support Learner GCSE Success

National educational charity ColegauCymru / CollegesWales has congratulated all further education learners on achieving their GCSE results today.

The charity, which represents all 14 further education (FE) colleges and institutions in Wales also highlighted how recognition for this success must also go to the staff who are committed to supporting learners fulfil their potential.

Effective teaching and learning practices in colleges aid post-16 learners succeed in their GCSE retakes, allowing them to continue on their chosen further learning / career pathway.

Iestyn Davies, CEO of ColegauCymru / CollegesWales said: "With recent curriculum and exam changes relating to GCSEs, Welsh Government has long recognised the importance of colleges in providing GCSE retake opportunities. Training and support for teaching GCSE Literacy (English and Welsh) and Numeracy (Maths) retakes has allowed our staff to support learner success.

“As we hear about the effect of GCSE early entry on results, we must also question why learners are not achieving their results the first time and having to retake at college.”

Today, on GCSE result day the main focus of the colleges is on providing advice and support to learners who come to college but who may not have the 'conditional' grades necessary, or those who intend to go back to 6th form at school but for whatever reason they have changed their minds and now want to study at college.