Young Roofer Gets Roof Of His Own After £80k Windfall

A Bristol roofer has won £80,000 on the new PAC-MAN Scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore.  He will put his win towards a deposit on a house of his own as well as treating himself to tickets to watch Bristol Rovers.

Tyler Pate, 23, can’t believe his luck and has also treated himself to an Audi A3 – an upgrade from his current Polo. The self-employed metal sheet roofer, who earns £60 a day, has been living with his parents in Mangotsfield and plans on giving them a £5,000 chunk of his winnings.

Tyler had popped out to buy breakfast on Thursday (June 1) when he bought the new PAC-MAN scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore and was in the middle of his breakfast break at the yard where he is currently working when he scratched the lucky scratchcard to reveal the top prize win.

GameStore is the home of scratchcards and online Instant Win games from The National Lottery, offering players many different and exciting ways to play and win life changing prizes. 

“I was in the middle of my sausage and bacon sandwich when I realised I had won and am still in shock, to be honest!’ says Tyler.  “I didn’t finish it though! When I realised that I was a winner, it was a very different feeling from how I only ever imagined I would feel if I won. I felt much happier than I thought I could. £80,000 is going to make a hell of a difference to me.

“I’m going to be sensible with this lucky windfall and keep it in savings to build up some interest and put the lot into a mortgage. For various reasons, I haven’t had much luck in the past, so my workmates were all really pleased for me when they realised I had won. I’m still in shock.”

After his colleagues, Tyler’s dad Howard was next to hear of his win and was naturally thrilled with the news. He then rang his mum Louise, who was at work, to tell her his good news and she was just as shocked as he was.

Bristol Rovers had a good season in League One and Tyler said: “I’m looking forward to getting back to a few more games here at The Memorial Stadium too – I’m a lifelong supporter but haven’t managed to get to many games recently. I’ll be splashing out on some Premier League games too – I would love to see Manchester United beat Spurs at some stage as I’m also a Man United fan.”

Tyler has four sisters and a brother and said: “I feel so lucky – I can’t believe this has happened to me.”

His winning PAC-MAN scratchcard was bought at Premier Stores in Winterbourne. There is a 1 in 4.23 overall chance of winning a prize on the PAC-MAN scratchcard. The card costs £2 and prizes range from £2 up to the top prize of £80,000.

The National Lottery changes the lives of winners like Tyler as well as communities across the UK – players raise, on average, over £30m for National Lottery-funded projects every week. In Tyler’s native Bristol postcode area alone there have been 3,139 individual National Lottery grants made to date, funding projects across the arts, sports, heritage, health, education, environment, charity and voluntary sectors.

Projects made possible by The National Lottery include The Carers Centre (Bristol & South Gloucestershire), which offers support to carers and received £5,850 of National Lottery funding. The National Lottery-funded Centre for Sustainable Energy in rural Somerset has received £297,272 to give people who are in debt or on low incomes a better quality of life through improved access to good quality energy advice.

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