Boasting 433 millions users globally, and 20 + million users in the UK alone, Linkedin is the largest professional online network. If you’re not on it as an organisation or as an individual, you’re missing a big trick in your marketing mix.

Why do our clients use Linkedin?

No matter what business you’re in, we are all in the business of people – people sell. If you’re talking to a client on the phone or by email, the chances are they’re going to Google your name to see what comes up – let it be your Linkedin profile, and make sure its professional.

Likewise, if clients can look you up, you can look them up.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, everyone is on Linkedin for the same reason – to find a new job or build a professional network (or both). People on Linkedin chat business, so if you want to seal a deal or build that vital connection don’t let your profile be a stumbling block.

Make your profile work harder with these top tips

  1. Fill out your profile and make it 100% complete – don’t worry, Linkedin will prompt you
  2. Use keywords in your headline and the summary to describe what you do – but be careful not to over do it
  3. Keep your profile open so others can see that you’ve viewed their profile
  4. Post regular updates – include links to industry news and company blogs to get started
  5. If you’re busy, why not use Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule posts and save time?
  6. Publish articles (like a blog, but on Linkedin) – your professional network will be notified every time that you do
  7. Benchmark your current number of connections, the number of people that view your profile and connect with you, as well as your search appearances. Keep track and watch the figures grow over time
  8. … tweak, tweak and tweak again! If you’ve benchmarked your stats, you’ll be able to see what a difference all of these changes make

..and don’t forget to start using your company’s Linkedin page

  • A lot of businesses don’t realise they have one, so check it out – you may find that you have a good ‘follower’ base already that are waiting to hear from you
  • Add your logo, make sure its clear, and don’t forget your summary!
  • Add showcase pages to add a little bit more about your core services
  • Ensure that all employees that use Linkedin link their current position to your company page
  • Post regular updates, it isn’t Twitter and doesn’t require 10 posts a day – just an occasional weekly update will suffice

– Written by Rhys Gregory (@rhysgregory), Digital Account Manager at Effective Communication