Instagram has become a hot topic in the Effective office. Most of us use the platform personally however from a business perspective there have always been questions as to how best we use it to promote Effective.

With the launch of Instagram Business Tools and the availability of an Instagram business account, we decided to revisit the platform to see what it has to offer.

It’s early days when it comes to building a following!

If you’re not an Instagram user, let’s start with what Instagram is. It’s a visual social media platform, owned by Facebook, which has 300 million active monthly users globally and allows users to share images and videos with their followers. It’s a huge social channel and many businesses are turning to the platform to connect with their audiences.

If you have a business Instagram profile, let’s focus on what Instagram Business Tools is. In short, it gives you a more comprehensive Instagram profile to attract customers, analyse your followers, and measure your post performance.

As a business you can now add contact details to your account, turn your posts into ads straight through the app, and get access to analytics – the crown jewel for all digital marketers.

The only caveat is that to get a business profile for your Instagram account, you need to have a Facebook business page.

So, what does Instagram Business Tools mean for your business?

Instagram Analytics

Let’s start with analytics. If you have a business account on Instagram you will have access to a huge amount of information, including follower demographics and post analytics. You’ll be able to see data like:

  • Your follower locations
  • What times your followers are most active
  • What the gender and age of your followers is
  • How your individual posts have performed
  • Whether or not your followers look back at older content
  • How many play your video content gets

All of this information allows your business to better understand its audience. You’ll discover how to better time your posts for maximum engagement, see which content best captures your audience’s attention, and see how your followers interact with your profile. Overall, the analytics offer you lots of audience insight to measure your brand success.


In-App Promoting

With a business profile, you’ll have the ability to promote well-performing posts into ads within the app—helping you connect with even more customers. If you’re a business in retail, that’s an exciting prospect.

If you share a fashion look that is well liked, you can turn that into an advert to your website. If you post a recipe with your produce, you can guide people to an online shopping basket. Being through the app, it’s very easy to do, simply select a post to promote and a call to action will be added. Best of all, with improved analytics you can get a full report on your campaign success.

Contact Information

With a business profile you can provide a direct contact link for your followers. If your followers have a question they can contact you in-app, and you can even add your business location so you’re easier to find for users. Those changes might seem small, but if you’ve got thousands of followers that could result in lots of enquiries!

“How Should I Use Instagram for My Business?”

Before you jump on the Instagram bandwagon here’s some advice on how to use your business profile to benefit your business.

First and foremost you need to decide what the purpose is for the Instagram account you’re running. Does your business want to showcase its creative work? Do you want to promote a range of products? Whatever your goal, have a clear identity with what you’re doing.

For Effective, our goal is to use Instagram to show our followers some behind the scenes of our business. Our team is always out and about at events or meetings and we want to share that side of our work. We’re not on Instagram to promote our services and throw the sales pitch!

Best Tips for Using Instagram

  • Keep your business goal in mind to maintain your brand identity
  • If you’re selling a product, add a call to action in your caption
  • Mix up image and video content to see which content achieves better engagement
  • Monitor hashtags to discover more about your audiences
  • Use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule content in advance
  • Create high-quality graphics using tools like Canva or Studio (mobile app) – don’t share rubbish imagery!