The RBS 6 Nations Rugby has landed! This weekend all six nations will kick-off their campaigns hoping for success at the end of March.

The entire Welsh population will be gripped, passionately supporting the Welsh team through every second of every game. So for businesses, why not take up this opportunity to get involved on social media and engage with the local community to add a little bit more personality to your business’ brand online? Here are a few ideas, hints and tips.

  • Run a 6 Nations themed competition to enhance brand loyalty (it should be a relevant giveaway) for example; a glasses supplier could give away a free pair of glasses so that “spectators don’t miss the game” or restaurants and food retailers could give away “a weekend feast for the rugby”
  • Share posts showing support for the teams, but be sensitive to your audience. Not everyone is a Welsh supporter! Keep it light and friendly in tone.
  • Share posts and photos of how the business is celebrating the 6 Nations (e.g. employees showing up to work wearing their nation’s top or having a 6 Nations sweepstake).
  • Use suitable hashtags such as #6Nations or #CymruAmByth – this will increase brand awareness as people can search for these hashtags on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and are likely to be popular on the trending sections.
  • Keep the audience updated on what matches are on throughout the month as an informative message or reminder to them! Content is key, keep it short and sweet.
  • Engage with the audience by asking what their thoughts and opinions are about the match to start up communication between users. Ask open questions so anybody can get involved.
  • Use visual content such as images and videos as they catch the user’s attention more easily.

But we also do have hints and tips for what to avoid doing!

  • Avoid joining in on conversations where you could potentially look out of place. Don’t force yourself into a social media conversation.
  • Keep all humour light hearted. After all, it is a rugby tournament. You don’t want to offend social media users and customers with bad jokes.