In April we shot some ‘behind-the-scenes’ video for the RHS Cardiff Flower Show at Bute Park in Cardiff. We were blessed with good weather and it was the perfect day to test a few tools we’d been playing around with in the office.

Our goal was to shoot some great shots and edit it down into a lovely one minute video that we could share across social media. It was a little tester to see how much time shooting video took and we wanted to see if it would get good engagement after we shared it online.

Video has been become the buzzword for social media marketing. Businesses want to create and share it because people really enjoy watching it. It’s a sign of the times. What you can say in a thousand words can be distilled into a simple one-minute video, and social media platforms have taken notice.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all allow you to upload and post video content straight to your profile and it automatically plays to people who scroll over it. Immediately that differentiates it from pictures and blog links, because it’s dynamic.

Video catches people’s eyes which means it gets better engagement. And we’ve seen the results to prove it.

After uploading our video (view below) on Facebook we decided to give it a little push around Cardiff. We sponsored it with a £7 budget, that’s it. And the results? The post reached 3,996 people and our video was played 1,352 times! The engagement rate was 33.8%!

We also uploaded the video to Twitter, trimming the clip down to 30 seconds. We didn’t sponsor the video and yet we still saw some impressive stats. By simply tagging @The_RHS we ended up organically reaching 5,970 people and our clip was viewed 557 times!

Both results proved to us that video was wonderfully powerful content for social media. Our total spend was £7 and our video was watched 1,909 times. Even better is that we only shared the video once to get those stats!

If you gave a blog post a £7 boost you would never see engagement stats that good, let alone a post or tweet without any budget!

We can also share that video through plenty of other channels too. We can share it on social media again, add it to YouTube (like we did) and Vimeo, embed it on our website, and even include it in an email. Video content is wonderfully versatile, and that’s why it’s worth investing in.

In case you’re wondering, ‘how much time did the video take?’ we won’t lie to you, it took a little while, five hours to be exact (shooting and editing), but the results were worth it.

And we didn’t use any fancy or expensive equipment; we used a few cheap tools to get the job done.

After the success of our first video, we’re now thinking ahead to other occasions where video could be great for businesses.

It could be a video covering an event or exhibition, an interview or Q&A, or it could share a behind the scenes look at your business to show a bit more of your personality. There are plenty of creative possibilities which excites us a lot!

So, if you’d like a hand shooting some simple video why not get in touch here. We’d love to hear what ideas you’ve got in mind.