We recently asked Marianne, on work experience from Cardiff University, to put together a blog on how businesses can freshen up their brands in the New Year and she came up with these great ideas, take a read!

Forget ‘new year, new me’, how about concentrating on a new image for your business in 2016? A fresh outlook on how you present yourself to showcase to existing and future clients. All it requires is a little bit of time and effort but the benefits could be extremely rewarding.

There are several things you could do, such as, improving your presence on social pages, doing a bit more research into your audience, running competitions to draw more traffic to your site. It could even be that your logo needs a little TLC as it might’ve lost its wow factor over the years. Below are some quick, easy tips that could strengthen your business in 2016.

1. Mix things up on social media

Most businesses today have a strong social presence and it is more important than ever to start keeping up with your competitors. This is where understanding your audience becomes important. Before you start posting content you need to establish who you’ll be talking to. What are their interests? How old are they? Are they men or women?  There are plenty of questions you could ask yourself while creating your ideal customer profile.

Sharing engaging and relevant content with your audience is vital and including rich media to your social pages such as videos, pictures, embedded tweets and GIFs could boost your social following because people are always more responsive to visual content.

If you need help posting engaging content to your social pages, free Chrome extensions such as DrumUp could save you the headache. It searches for content across the web and recommends fresh stories, relevant to your audience for your social pages. The DrumUp icon will appear in your toolbar and with a click of a button you can post these articles to your social pages.

On top of that, if you value your weekends and don’t want the hassle of updating your social pages in your free time you can even schedule posts for the next few days.

To help get your social media accounts seen:

  • Add follow icons on your website header
  • Include follow us messages in your marketing material (e.g. email and presentations)
  • Consider social media advertising

2. Run a competition?

Caption: Peter’s ran this competition to target sports clubs around Wales.


Running a simple social media competition could gain you some quick fans and really boost traffic to your site by simply getting people to like and share your page to be in the chance of winning your prize (think giveaways or discount vouchers).  Before launching any competition, make sure your website is up to date and that all your links work.

Your contest might need a bit of a push to get it started so you may have to promote it across several platforms such as your current email list or your social media platforms. Finally, make sure that you follow up after the contest to make sure that the people who didn’t win remain engaged. Keep sharing interesting content or send promotional codes to keep your followers on their toes.

3. Give your logo an update

Changing your logo can be risky whether you’re a small or a big company. Your logo is a symbol of the relationship between the brand and the consumer and makes them feel comfortable when making a purchase because of the familiarity of it. However, if your demographics have changed you might feel it’s time to start appealing to them.

It doesn’t have to be drastic, it could be a seasonal change like we made at Christmas. If you’re worried about how your customers might feel, you could even involve them in the deciding process of your logo change. You could carry out a vote on one of your social pages?

At least if you involve your audience, there will be less room for them to draw any negativity to your social pages. When Cardiff University decided they were going to change the name of the club in the students union after its renovation (it was a big deal) they carried out a vote on social media and they gave every student the opportunity to choose between potential names.

Some may not have liked the final outcome but at least they were given the opportunity to vote on such a big decision. In the era of social media there’s really no excuse not to obtain instant feedback from your longest serving followers.

These are only a few ideas out of many that could help your business but they could be something to consider and a good place to start. Something we hear a lot is, “the customer is king”, and therefore everything you do should have the customer in mind, because without them there is no business. The one thing to remember is to not jump into anything without putting much thought into it. A successful social media campaign is usually the result of a well thought out and solid plan. Just remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.