As many Welsh businesses in 2016 revisit their marketing strategies for the upcoming year, we wanted to share a few really important reasons for why PR should definitely be part of the marketing mix.

Take Your Content Further

At Effective Communication, we don’t just write press releases. We create graphics, videos, online competitions, giveaways, emails, and more.

Ultimately the role of PR is to raise awareness about your business and its stories, and that means delivering the right messages across the right online and offline channels.

Something we emphasise to all of our clients is that through PR we try to take your messages further. We can turn a press release into an online blog and we can break it down further into a simple infographic.

We can share your content in publications, on websites, through social media, and directly using email, and this ensures your business delivers a consistent message across all of its offline and online channels.

Our best campaigns have included a huge mix of online and offline activity, and bridging the online and offline gap is something we know we can help you with.

Press Isn’t Dying, It’s Evolving, Bringing Digital Opportunities

It’s no secret that the digital era has hit the traditional print publications hard. In 2015 the Western Mail’s circulation decreased by 14.2% in comparison to 2014 figures.

It’s easy to see why many businesses in Wales therefore think PR has become this outdated practice, but as we’ve already said, PR isn’t just about getting your business in the newspaper.

As publications report record low print circulation figures, they’re also reporting record high figures for people visiting their sites online, and that’s where modern PR looks to get you seen. The reach of Media Wales is now the biggest since the 1970s, and Wales Online gets 2.4 million people visitings its website every month!

We’ve adapted to write copy for the online era, where people read stories through their mobile screens, and we’ve become really good at it! We can write every article to ensure your stories are found online from specific keywords, and even better, we can help you gain more backlinks to your website which is perfect for SEO.

PR Is Smarter Than You Think

PR has had to change with the times, it’s no longer a practice which uses vague figures and metrics. We now work in the age of analytics.

We can track every click for your social media posts to see what your followers really engage with. We can see every person who opens your email. We can find out how many people have shared your press releases online. We can listen to online communities to hear what they say about you. And, ultimately we can measure the spikes in your website visitors after a successful PR campaign.

After winning the CIPR PRide ‘Outstanding PR Consultancy’ award for the last two years running we know a thing or two about creating great PR campaigns, so if you need help creating some buzz for your business in 2016, get in touch with us, we’d love to speak to you!