Being unsociable in the real world can leave you closed off from new and exciting opportunities. The same can be said for businesses who choose to avoid establishing a presence on social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how to tackle the intricate web of social media networks that seems to grow daily, writing them off as a time-sink could do more damage than you might think.  At Effective, we work with a plethora of social media platforms daily and consider them an integral part of the daily workload. Here’s just a few of our reasons we think it’s worth your time:



If you provide a product or a service that you feel could benefit a particular target audience, chances are you’ll find them online, ready and waiting to be told more about your business.

Why not join them and give them a friendlier, more approachable platform to discover your business and discuss the latest news and updates in a way you can instantly engage with?



Social media isn’t a silver bullet that will fix ailing sales instantly, and treating it as such is the reason so many business pages fail to make a real impact.

Social media works at its best when it represents a two-way relationship between the business and the customer, so rather than simply bombarding your audience with product shots and press releases offer them something they can’t find in a Media Pack or on your website. Your pages should act as an opportunity for others to get to know the company a little better, not a platform to recycle statistics and sales talk!



You might think that you have your key demographics all sewn up, but once you’ve established a base of followers on Twitter, or amassed a large number of likes on Facebook, you might be surprised by the data available. Not sure if you should alter your messaging to suit a particular gender, location or age-group? Tools such as Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights will be able to tell you.

Social Media is no longer a place to simply promote your business and instead is a platform for learning more about who your audience REALLY is. Using the information offered by your followers to improve and develop your business is yet another string to the social bow.



By establishing an online base of followers who are interested in your business, you have a quick and simple way to discover what they think of any changes you might make. Thinking of launching a new product or want to find out what people would like to see more of? Ask them!

Social media provides an instant focus group on which you can test new ideas on the people who have voluntarily chosen to engage with your business, and by inviting them into the process, you’re creating a highly valuable relationship that can’t be bought.



So you have a website and something of value to offer, but the pageviews simply aren’t racking up. How can you get people to visit and hopefully become a customer without shelling out for advertising?

You guessed it – social media!  A post on social media may not lead to an immediate sale, but it can generate interest and will help to keep you in the mind of potential customers. Post regular, consistent content and your followers will not only be more trusting in you as a business, leading to website visits and potential purchases,  but their increased engagement will encourage others to do the same!

Do you think Social Media could help your business? We think so too. So if you’d like to know more about how we can help you make the most of the wide variety of social platforms available, get in touch today!