A Close Shave 2015 for Cancer Research Wales | Effective Communication

After months of build-up the ‘A Close Shave’ fundraiser finally happened on October 3, with twenty-five volunteers taking part in one of the largest head shave events ever held in Wales, to raise money for Cancer Research Wales.

The goal was to raise £5,000 for the charity and thanks to everyone’s hard work that target has been smashed!

Five of us from the Effective Communication team took part and we all had a brilliant time. It’s a little chillier without hair, but it was great to get involved and contribute to what was a really successful event.

We also want to give a special thanks to Louise and Terry and the boys from Terry’s barbershop for their help, and also to Phillip Moss who was the cameraman moving among us who kindly donated his services for the cause.

Of course let’s not forget about all the great work the team at Cancer Research Wales do, their research is saving lives and the donations they receive support the work they do.